Above Ground Pool Party at The Station

BBQ PartySpring is in the air and it will soon be followed by summer. It is a time celebration for people who are sick of cold weather. It is also a celebration for us, which is why we are excited to talk about our upcoming summer fun day. It is being done in an effort to draw more attention to our transit system and we guarantee that it will not be something you want to miss out on. Would you take notice if we have an above ground pool party at the station this year?

Our Big Plans

intex pool partyTo kick off summer, we may be hosting a huge party. It will be the BBQ that everyone is talking about. It is to celebrate summer and show the people who do not take advantage of mass transit why it is a great option to start considering. To celebrate, we will have a lot of BBQ favorites for you to enjoy. This includes hot-dogs and hamburgers as well as chicken for as long as we have food available. We will have games for kids and adults set up, booths for you to find hidden treasures at, and much more. There will also be a swimming pool for people who want to truly enjoy the first days of summer. Our Intex Ultra frame pool seen here, can hold several people at one time and we will have it set up so that your kids can play ball or Marco Polo type games if they want to. For people who do not want to get into a pool, but still want to enjoy splashing; we will have sprinklers set up for you to enjoy.

What To Look Forward To

backyard party gamesFor people who are there early and raffles throughout the day for the people who stay awhile to enjoy it. Many of the prizes will be passes for you to give our transit system a try, but there will be other types of prizes available for both adults and children.

Are You Ready for the Fun?

This party is the first of its kind to be held by us. If it is a success, we may try to hold our own BBQ party each year. Much the same as we need support from our community to keep the transit system running, we also need your support to turn a single party into an annual event. Who knows. If enough people attend, we may add more above ground pools, more sprinklers, more games, and bigger prizes next year as a way of saying, “Thank You” to the community that we love transporting.