Final IPU

cedaraveIf you are interested in learning more about how the Cedar Avenue Transitway became such a successful venture for the area and where it will go from here, the information is still available. You can keep track of the reason it began and the changes that were made over the last
few years. This will also tell you where everything may possibly go over the next several years and enable you to make your opinions known. As one project ends, if you see a problem with a bus route or you feel that more routes should be included, it is a good time to speak out about it. Are you ready to speak your mind and see where the new Cedar Avenue Transitway began and where it will go from here?

Final IPU

If you are interested in learning more about the progress of the BRT system, the most recent estimates and information regarding the implementation plan can be found at Final Cedar Avenue Transitway IPU. This shows updated information and what may be ahead for the Cedar Avenue project. It includes statistics on the way it will be used, how much it may clear up the traffic that you now have to deal with, and more. You can also find out pricing information and everything else about what may lie ahead for Cedar Avenue.

Implementation Plan Update

We want you to feel that you know everything that matters to you. That is why all reports include:

  • Station Locations
  • Future Ridership Levels
  • Estimated Costs to Improve Stations
  • Estimated Operating Costs
  • Corridor Technology inside Stations
  • Bus Routes and Red Line Connections

An informed community that works together to solve issues now will become stronger in the future. The key to your area’s future success, as more people move into the area, is going to include doing what is necessary to make things easier for all residents that may use Cedar Avenue as a part of their daily commute. It can also help in other areas. More bus routes, more stop lights, and much more will all help your commute easier and it will work for everyone else as well.

Your Opinion Matterstransitway future

The reason the implementation began is because people were aware that Cedar Avenue needed help. The traffic was increasing rapidly and future problems were being seen ahead of time. It began with people like you, deciding that they wanted a better way to deal with their commute and they decided to speak out to the city to start making a change for the better. It is important now that you continue to speak your mind and let others know where you see potential issues. Speaking out now will enable everyone to start planning ahead to solve issues that may one day have even more of an impact on your area. It should be done now to make your area a better place to be in the future for your children and all others in the community.