Future of Emission Free Transportation – Segways

commuting on a segwayIn a busy world, there are cities that never seem to sleep. There are commuters going to work, to school, and to run errands. At first, the thought was that carpooling and buses could cut down on commute times and the emissions that are affecting the environment. It has helped, but some people question whether it is enough. Some cities are saying that the future of emission free transportation is Segways.

The Future of Transportation

segway miniSegways are a great transportation option for people who do not want to ride a bike or walk to work. They are very stable to use and with a little practice, you can be riding it while in full control of where it is going. This can make it easier for people to get to the bus stops that they depend on to get them into the city. It will also make it so that people who need to run errands after work can avoid taking the bus to go only a few blocks. This will save the seat for someone who may need to travel home and potentially speed up their commute time since there will be fewer stops for people who only wanted to go two blocks. When a person is ready to get on the bus, the hoverboards and segways can be carried on board the bus and stored with very little effort under the rider’s seat or legs.

Cost Effectiveness of the Segway

HoverboardMost segways are affordable because of their constantly growing popularity. A person can purchase a hoverboard for less than a $100 if you want to go cheap or you can pay a little more and have a Segway. To see the difference, Scooter Smarter compares the Mini Segway vs Hoverboard Segway. One thing to keep in mind though is that the features that you want, such as Bluetooth or lighting may bump up the price a little. In general, though, they are within the same price range as a bicycle, but easier to work with if you need to take the bus for part of your commute.

Is a Segway Right for You?

Segways and hoverboards are not just kid’s toys. They are commonly used by adults and children alike. Kids can use them for going to school and they will fit inside their locker. Adults can use them for traveling to work and they will fit into a locker or under a desk. Elderly can use them to save themselves pain when they want to venture outdoors.

They are practical, and you do not have to worry about locking them up outside where they can get rained on the way that a bike can. You simply have to be able to balance yourself while on a moving board. Most people say that it only takes a few minutes to get the hang of doing this. Riding on one eliminates knee pain and is faster than walking to work or to the store after work. Overall, they are ideal for use in the city, the suburbs, and all other areas where you have the choice to ride public transportation, walk, or pedal your way around.