Cedar Ave BRT


Cedar Ave BRTCedar Avenue is a busy area that many people are not happy to travel through. However, it is the main roadway between the southern suburb and downtown
Minneapolis and Saint Paul. It is also the travel route to get to the Mall of America, the airport, and the University of Minnesota. The fact that people needed a better way to get around is one of the main reasons officials of the Dakota County Regional Rail Authority began trying to figure out how to make the transit service more effective. It is a process that began a few years ago and continues through current times as people’s needs are constantly changing. As time goes on, the Implementation Plan that started in 2010 will continue to improve as demographics, land uses, and other situations come up in the corridor.

Changes to the Redline

The Metro Redline is the first BRT (bus rapid transit) line in the Twin Cities region. It is a popular way to travel for many people because it is faster than other transit services and provides a higher reliability than others. It is available for people to use all day and provides easier access throughout Dakota and Hennepin counties. The area of Cedar Avenue was upgraded to give the transit system traffic signal priority, improved passenger information, shoulder lane operation, and even off-board fare collections to make life easier for anyone who wanted to get where they were going, faster.

New BRT Implementation Equals Stress-Freemetro rapid

There are stations all along Cedar Avenue for people who want to ride the BRT. They are shelters to protect you from the elements outside. Inside many have restrooms, a screen to tell you when the bus you are waiting on will arrive, and comfortable places for you to sit while you wait. You can also pay in advance for the bus ride so that you do not have to wait more once you are on the bus. If you have a ride card, you simply have to swipe it as you walk on the bus. There are bike racks on the bus for people who have them and spacious seating for your comfort while riding.
The goal is to eliminate stress and road congestion along this major route. The buses run frequently enough that you can catch a ride with them whether you are traveling home after a long day of work or trying to reach a scheduled appointment on time. All you have to do is sit back and relax. The driver will take care of everything else for you.

Express Your Opinions

The Cedar Avenue Transitway relies on riders to keep going. Over the next 20 years or so, the traffic expected will increase potentially up to 63% over the Cedar Avenue Bridge. The way to get ahead is to begin planning now for what may come in the next few years. We ask that you tell us what we can do to make your commute easier and we will continue to try to implement your suggestions. You can tell us where you feel a station would be beneficial and let us know that you are willing to leave the car at home if you have a bus option that is more relaxing for you.