Increasing Parking Safety

We have asked around and discovered that one of the biggest concerns for people who want to use our transportation system is the fact that they do not want to leave their vehicles behind. Some people will use the transit system only if they can be back to their car before dark and some will not use it at all because it doesn’t pick them up close enough to their home that they can walk to the pickup area. Most all people refuse to leave their car overnight or while they go away on vacation. For that reason, we have decided to start increasing parking security.

Why People Fear Leaving Their Vehicle

Although it isn’t a huge problem during the day time hours, there are times at night when vehicles are broken into. We live in a large city and although we control our parking area as best as we can, anything can happen. People worry that their car will get broken into or that someone will steal it. They also worry that it may get damaged in some other way and feel that the longer they leave it there, the more likely it will be to happen. We do not like this train of thought. We want people to feel that their vehicle is safe with us both day and night, even over multiple days.

What We Are Doing to Provide Security

The best way that we have come up with to ensure that everyone feels safe with us to install a driveway gate. This is the same type of gate that many homeowners have in their fenced yard to protect their home and property. It will be able to lock at night and monitor who comes and goes throughout the day. This will protect your vehicle from outsiders that may want to cause damage to your personal property. This will give you peace of mind in the big city where anything can, and often does, happen. You can leave your vehicle for however long you need to and know that no one will mess with anything that belongs to you.

How Driveway Gates Will Help

By having a driveway gate that locks such as these, our security team will have an easier time controlling who comes and goes. People who want onto the property after sunset will have to give their name and state why they are there in order to gain entry. This will make it easy for guards to keep up with who ventured in, how long they were there, and more. Our hope is that this will make you feel better about your vehicle knowing that when you are not there; it will be safe in our parking lot.

Our transportation services are designed to make life easier for you. We understand that if you have to worry about your vehicle every time you get on a bus; this isn’t making anything easier for you. We are doing what we can to help you feel better about our parking area. Is it working?