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Installing Battery Switches, Increasing Efficiency

battery switchesWithout a good battery, nothing that needs it will be able to go very far. We have already upgraded our transit system to use marine batteries so that they will not suffer the first time that something goes wrong and it drains further than we wanted for it too. The idea behind it was to ensure that they will run just as hard as our transit system does. However, we have discovered that the best marine battery still needs a little help. That is why we are also installing battery switches to increase efficiency.

How Do They Work?

The reason for a switch is confusing for some people. However, their primary purpose is simple. They are installed to help manage the overall power on a boat or vehicle. They come in two different types. One allows you to disconnect when not in use and the other allows you to switch from one battery to another. This means that when we are not actively running a bus, we will not have to worry about the potential drain on our batteries when they are not in use or we will be able to switch between batteries. It helps to give us peace of mind that when it is time to start running the routes that we will be able to do it. It also gives passengers confidence that no matter what, we will be there and be on time.

Why Switches are Necessary

cedar Ave transitSwitches are good because it enables you to use the power that you have available and reduce the risk of over draining the battery. They are most often used on boats where you may have a lot of accessories pulling power off one that doesn’t work for starting so that you can switch over to the other one when you need to crank up and move to another area. This ensures that no matter what you have running on board while you are fishing, you still have the power to get back to shore when you are finished. In our case, we would use it as a way to ensure that when our buses need to move, there is power there for them to do so.

Our Goals for a Switch

Some people may question why we feel it is a necessary upgrade for our transit system. After all, it seems like a moot point considering buses battery Switch for Boatshave alternators where boats do not. The thing is, alternators sometimes go bad and when you have people who depend on you and your bus services, you cannot take a chance on any part of it failing. We also do not have time to let the bus sit while we charge up a dead battery to put into it. We have to be ready to go when it is time to roll. There are no excuses for us to not be ready. In our mind, switching power from one to another is the ideal solution to make us a more dependable source of transportation during all hours of the day and night.