deka battery cars

Only the Best for the Transitway

deka batteryThe Cedar Transitway makes traveling from the suburbs easier. Therefore, we wouldn’t want anything to go wrong with any part of it. If the buses are unable to run because we failed to provide them with everything they need; then our roads will become more crowded and a lot of bad things will begin to happen. That is why we put so much effort into choosing only the best for the Transitway.

The Changes We Make

We are constantly upgrading our buses to ensure that they have the best of everything that we can find. We stay up on all oil changes and transmission checks. We test the brakes to ensure they are working properly. The motor is tuned up every time it seems to develop a noise. We use the good gas at the pumps and fix issues that we notice inside of the buses as soon as they are noted. Then, we started talking about our buses and realized that there was one area of which we were not providing the best that we could; the battery. We were using average batteries and it occurred to us that we would be wasting all the other efforts that we put into the Transitway if something went wrong with our batteries and we have decided to upgrade them as well.

deka battery carsWhat We are Hoping for In a Battery

In our search for the best of the best in batteries, we quickly discovered that most batteries aren’t very reliable. They rely on the alternator to provide a steady charge and they do wear out fairly quick. Most standard batteries for a vehicle will only be warrantied for a year or so and the marine batteries have a better warranty in many cases. This led us to search for marine batteries. They have a longer lifespan, are able to handle deep discharges, and promise to never leak out. It isn’t that we are expecting the alternator to suddenly stop working, but we do know that anything can happen when you
run as many miles as our buses do each day, through both summer’s heat and winter’s snow.

Our Top Battery Choice

For our buses, we have chosen the to give the Deka Marine battery a try. We have read an endless amount of information about sealed marine batteries and Deka Marine battery reviews seem to hold the most promise for our needs. These batteries are durable and have a long battery life, even after many deep discharges.deka battery
No one has ever had an issue with them leaking or letting them down when they are out on the open water for days at a time. In our opinion, all of these things make a huge difference and we have already begun using them in a few of our buses. We are also happy to say that so far, they are performing better than we ever expected and we will be upgrading the rest of our batteries as well. To us, it just makes sense to keep going with the best that we can find for the Cedar Transitway.